The temple of you

We've all done it from time to time, taken a good, hard, long look in the mirror. That isn't meant to be rhetorical. I mean actually looked at our visage as it is reflected back to us, our physical appearance.The reactions to that visage spread out across a wide spectrum from "yeah, baby, I got … Continue reading The temple of you


Islamism Series: al Qaeda’s Black Death

When most people think of attacks or attempted attacks by Muslim radicals against the United States, Israel, England, and others who they perceive as their enemies we think of bombs and guns. The radical Muslim group Hamas continues to bombard Israel with rockets from Gaza, prolonging a conflict that the Israelis tried to halt days … Continue reading Islamism Series: al Qaeda’s Black Death

Trying to Find a Silver Lining

I have always been a pretty positive person. It's hard to get me down for long, and I've learned in the course of a life that is now well into its fifth decade that most of the things that we worry over are somewhat insignificant.For instance, my hometown Philadelphia Eagles lost a heart-breaking NFC Championship … Continue reading Trying to Find a Silver Lining