For over a decade now, conservative writer Ann Coulter has been directing her sharp wit and keen mind as well as her biting sense of humor at everything that liberals hold dear.

Coulter has emerged as the single most articulate and beloved voice of the far right in American politics, and the honesty and clarity of her works has gained her fans across the vast conservative Republican populace.

Her latest book titled “Guilty: Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America” generally covers just what it says in that title.

“Guilty” speaks of the ‘victim mentality’ prevalent in all liberal quarters, and that has been particularly embraced by the Democratic Party over the past few decades.

The libs and the Dems take segments of society who feel they have been victimized by the American culture and government, embrace them, and tell them that they, the Democrats, will take care of all of their problems. They care about the ‘victims’, and will make sure that these ‘lowly’ have a ‘voice’ if elected.

What the liberal Dems never mention, of course, is that the vast majority of these ‘victims’ have created or exacerbated their own situations. The ‘culture’ or ‘government’ or ‘the man’ or ‘the system’ had absolutely nothing to do with it.

Did ‘the government’ stick that needle in their arm, or that crack pipe in their mouth, or shove that pill down their throats? No. Did ‘the man’ force them to buy that bottle and drink it down? No.

Did ‘the system’ distract them in school and keep them from going to classes, paying attention, studying, and doing their homework? No. Did the ‘culture’ get them pregnant? No.

If you are poor and have little or nothing as you are being raised, why on earth would you want to continue that into your adulthood and for your entire life?

That is exactly what you are asking for when you don’t emphasize school and instead turn to drugs, booze, and sex as a way out.

Fact is, those are not ways out. Instead they are road blocks, in some cases life-enders. They are also choices made. This is a fact that the ‘victims’ never, ever want to admit.

Then you have the ‘enablers’ as well. These are the people who may recognize that people are victims of their own choices and decisions, but ask the question of “now what?” Do we throw these people away, or do we help them come back?

That is indeed a complex question. It is one these ‘victims’ have made even more complex over the years, as the vast majority have either abused or misused or turned away what help has been offered.

Perpetual cycles of self-destruction leave those of us who are politically and culturally in the center and on the right throwing up our hands in frustration.

There is no stopping those on the left and their continued romance with the ‘victims’, and this is the eloquent target of Ann Coulter’s “Guilty” work.

Coulter’s previous books are an endless barrage of clever quips, elegant prose, and sometimes over-the-top comments against all that is Left. In “High Crimes & Misdemeanors” she looks closely at the crimes and immorality of the Bill Clinton White House.

In “Slander” she points out the attacks on conservatism by the left-controlled former mainstream media, and highlights the lies they perpetuate. In “Treason” she shows how liberalism has consistently undermined traditional American values in recent decades.

In “How to Talk to a Liberal” she speaks their language in a way that only a conservative could love. In “Godless“, Coulter hits hard in defending one of the left’s biggest targets – God Himself – and takes on their own church-like causes.

If Democrats Had Any Brains They’d Be Republicans” is a strong political statement for conservative causes highlighting the pure lack of common sense in liberalism.

Her new work in “Guilty” is another in this incomparable string of modern conservative political and cultural thought. As with all other Coulter works it both sings and bites, sometimes in the same paragraph.

Ann Coulter was born just three weeks after me, so maybe there was something in the air or water here in the northeastern United States back then. I find her extremely attractive, humorous, and articulate.

I challenge anyone who believes they are in the ‘center’ politically to actually read a couple of her books fully, especially “Godless” and “How to Talk to a Liberal”, and see if you still feel that way afterwards.

Try to point out instances where Coulter goes over some imaginary ‘line’ in her descriptions of people or circumstances, and you will find them easily. Try to find instances where Coulter actually lies about something and your job will be impossible.

Ann Coulter’s critics charge her with being ultra-right win in her orthodoxy and approach. To that I say, and she would undoubtedly be proud to say, that she is guilty as charged.