The ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ is actually that time between Christmas Day and the Epiphany, the period after the holiday itself.

So this is more appropriately your warning of the ‘Twelve Days ‘Til Christmas’.

This is your fair warning folks. Beginning tomorrow there will be just twelve more days until Christmas.

If you haven’t yet decorated, put up your tree, done some shopping, mailed out those cards and gifts then now is the time.

There is not much more to this posting other than its functioning as that warning to you. Also the fact that today has been real busy for me, so I don’t have much more time to devote.

It’s Friday, so TGIF and get up, out, and get things done this weekend. The time to procrastinate is over. It is the time of doing. It will be fun.

All the stores and malls and shops, and many streets and homes, are fully decorated, playing Christmas music, crowds hectically maneuvering around one another.

Don’t think of it as work, Santa. It is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. So get out and enjoy yourself this weekend, but make productive use of your time. Merry Christmas to all.