$700 billion dollar roller coaster quick fix

Our government is considering, and is at this moment negotiating, a $700 billion dollar package to 'rescue' the economy from what is being sold to us as certain ruin.This 'ruin', of course, was completely and totally self-inflicted. Interest rates at historic lows combined with a loosening of lending policies, especially by mortgage companies, resulted in … Continue reading $700 billion dollar roller coaster quick fix


Cheesesteak heaven

Every year, Philadelphia magazine comes out with a special edition highlighting the "Best of Philly" in which they rate the top local eateries, businesses, celebrities, watering holes, get-aways, etc. One of the most hotly debated categories each year here in the City of Brotherly Love is the 'Best Cheesesteak". You see, the cheesesteak is Philly's … Continue reading Cheesesteak heaven

Phillies on a pennant push

For a baseball fan like myself, it's always a great summer when your home team is involved in a pennant race. My hometown Philadelphia Phillies have found themselves in the race for most of the past half dozen summers, finally reaching the playoffs a year ago when they won the National League East Division pennant … Continue reading Phillies on a pennant push

Islamism Series: Obsession

This past Sunday, the Philadelphia Inquirer's weekend advertising inserts included an item that you might have missed if you weren't looking carefully, or that you might have simply disregarded while moving through your shopping choices. The item was a heavy-paper card with a DVD attached, one that you absolutely need to view. The DVD is … Continue reading Islamism Series: Obsession