It has been described in the adoring old media as ‘a sea of humanity’ and ‘hundreds of thousands of adoring followers’. 

Of course, I am talking about the crowds at rallies for United States Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s visit this past week to Europe for his speeches in front of the ‘adoring throngs’ – in Germany and France. 

Meanwhile, back home here in the good-old United States, where the election actually matters and among his own nation, Republican candidate John McCain chose to visit with and talk problems with real Americans. 

The Dems just don’t understand the significance of the difference. 

A professor on public policy at George Mason University, Jeremy Mayer, is quoted as saying “…if you look at the pictures this week, McCain is speaking at a German restaurant in Ohio, and Obama is speaking before 200,000 Germans in Berlin” as if that is somehow a negative for McCain. 

Obama is speaking to a lot of Germans overseas. American hero John McCain is speaking to someone who built the American dream here in the U.S. as an independent businessman. 

But somehow Obama’s Euro-speech is more significant? Only to the liberal Kool Aid-drinking, Dem-supporting academic elites and the old media. 

With all the attention, Obama gained nothing in the polls during his big Euro-love festival. Liberal pundits are scratching their heads wondering what they have to do to get their candidate ahead. They just don’t realize that there is little that you can do to fool the full 51% of the American population of Americans who support positions to the right of their far-left agenda. 

It is not enough that he chose Europe to make his big public push this week, Obama was also seen globe-trotting in the war-torn Middle East. Problem was that he once again found a way to alienate our troops while over there. 

Obama continued his strategy of putting forth two different positions at once, depending on whatever audience he was in front of at the time. Pull out the troops, keep a strong presence. Keep up the fight, time to end the war. Back and forth, flip and flop, two-faced to the end. 

Those liberal pundits will continue scratching their heads as to the tight polls right up until their election loss in November. They just don’t get it, that the majority of Americans will always chose a real, proven American hero over a Euro-candidate any year.