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Joey Vento in December 2007


You gotta love Joey Vento of Geno’s Steaks, located at 9th & Passyunk in South Philly.

Here is a successful businessman who owns a legendary, iconic Philadelphia eatery who has the guts to publicly stand up for what is right.

One of the greatest problems that has plagued our country in the past few decades is the slow erosion of our national identity, sacrificed to the misguided cause of multi-culturalism.

Removing prayer from our schools and attempts to remove the Pledge of Allegiance. Spanish, Russian and other languages as options in telephone menus and at ATM machines.

Vento’s grandparents struggled after getting off the boat from Sicily almost a century ago, and he never forgot that lesson.

Vento placed a sign up outside the takeout window at Geno’s which stated: “This is America: When ordering, speak English!

The sign immediately outraged the touchy-feely liberals in town, and led to a court battle which Vento and Geno’s won against the City of Philadelphia.

The sign remains, and Vento gained a great deal of national publicity for his business and the cause.

Vento said his staff is glad to help non-native speakers order in English and has never turned someone away because of a language barrier. He told Fox News that “All we’re asking them (immigrants) to do is learn the English language.

It would seem to not only be a simple request, but in fact used to be an absolute requirement for new citizens. It should be still, and Vento is right to stand up for this cause.

He put his business and personal reputation on the line for it, and for that we should all be proud of him and continue to support him. I’ll take one whiz witout, sir!