When good cops go bad

  Pretty much all cops start out as "good cops". The vast majority start out wanting to make positive contributions in our communities. We want to make life safer and a bit easier for our families, friends, and neighbors. We want to "get the bad guys", help bring some measure of peace and justice into … Continue reading When good cops go bad


Black Males Are Killing Us

  Here in Philadelphia, PA, the murder capital of the United States of America, it was just announced that 54-year old police veteran Charles Cassidy died from wounds inflicted on Halloween morning. Officer Cassidy walked in on a robbery in progress at a Dunkin Donuts in his patrol area, and the robber shot him in … Continue reading Black Males Are Killing Us

Fox’s ‘Choice’

This past Saturday night, the Fox News Channel aired a compelling one-hour program titled "Facing Reality: Choice".  In the program, Fox followed a trio of women as they went through their own particular "choice" process after learning that they were pregnant. The women, their circumstances, their attitudes, and finally their choices could not have been … Continue reading Fox’s ‘Choice’

Narrowing the 2008 Republican field

  Busy as this particular American's life is, I had to record this week's debate among the current Republican candidates for President in 2008. After finally getting to watch the debate in it's entirety last night, I can say without any trepidation that it is time to narrow this field. So having heard their positions … Continue reading Narrowing the 2008 Republican field