Defense Against Anonymous Cowards

I have some reservation about writing this article because it addresses specifically a topic that I have begun to feel strongly about in recent months. The topic would be that of anonymous postings on the internet, their dangers, and their repercussions. It is my opinion that anonymous internet identities and postings are some of the … Continue reading Defense Against Anonymous Cowards


Jersey cops and Alabama Hooters

A story broke today of the disbandment of the Hoboken, New Jersey SWAT team after a controversial incident. Apparently the officers of the unit stopped by a Hooters restaurant in order to enjoy some of those great wings. Someone snapped some racy photos of the cops posing with the Hooters girls. So what, right? Boys … Continue reading Jersey cops and Alabama Hooters

Happy Thanksgiving to you, happy birthday to me

On this coming Tuesday, I will turn 46 years old. Two days later is Thanksgiving. It is the closest that my birthday ever comes to actually falling on the holiday, which it will never exactly meet. Thanksgiving is celebrated always on the fourth Thursday in November, and if you do the calculating you will see … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving to you, happy birthday to me

Movie Review: Dan, in Real Life

  In my experience, cops are some of the strongest "family" folks around, and yet that can sometimes seem contradictory. The rate of divorce for police officers is as high as 60-75% according to some studies. One officer who has been married and divorced multiple times is even said to have amusingly stated: "If I ever … Continue reading Movie Review: Dan, in Real Life