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Many Sundays here at the old Blog are going to be, barring some major story that needs attention, our chance to present and discuss religious and/or spiritual matters. It is, after all, the Lord’s day, so the topic is most appropriate.

Though I am a practicing Roman Catholic, I try to keep myself open to any positive Judeo-Christian influences, and that is where the topics and inspiration will be drawn from.

Today will be about some of the worldly things that we who are believers find ourselves up against in the struggle to not only strengthen our own beliefs, but evangelically spread them to others.

In a recent article for the Christian Post, guest columnist and best-selling author of “The Purpose-Driven Life” pastor Rick Warren presented Six Worldviews You’re Competing Against“.

Warren listed these: 1) The one with the most toys wins, 2) I’ve got to think of me first, 3) Do what feels good, 4) Whatever works for you, 5) God doesn’t exist, and 6) You are your own god.

In his article, Warren briefly presented each view, and then presented a Biblical refutation of each.

When we consider the six worldviews above, for the vast majority of Americans the last two are already defeated.

According to an ABC News poll conducted in 2002, among the American adult population an overwhelming 83% consider themselves as Christians.

For more than 4 of every 5 adult citizens of the United States, God does indeed exist, and certainly as Christians these folks understand that they are not their own gods.

However, the battle comes as we move around the world, after all these are worldviews that we are struggling against.

Research from the same poll presented that while 85% of the world population is religious, only 33% of these are Christians, resulting in a wide variety of opinions regarding just how these people feel it is best to serve God.

This splintering of religion leaves believers open to attacks by the 15% of the people who are not religious at all. Many of these secularists belong in positions of media, information-sharing, and entertainment power.

In his recent book “Culture Warrior” (an absolute “must-read”), pundit and Fox News lead man Bill O’Reilly presents this battle, particularly here in America, as being between Traditionalists and Secular-Progressives (SP’s).

The “Traditionalists” support classic American values of church and patriotism, and see America as a basically good country and a force for positive change in the world.

The “SP’s” are fighting to break down that American culture, and see us as a negative force both here and around the world. They are basically anti-Americans living here and pushing their agenda through the media.

This battle is quite obvious to anyone paying attention, and folks like you and me who belong to the Traditionalist side recognize what Rick Warren and Bill O’Reilly have to say as truth.

Forces in the world are saturating our kids in the media: television, movies, music, video games, the internet, etc with images, sounds, and ideas that they should worry about “me first”, go after “more, more, more” at whatever expense, and “if it feels good to you, who is anyone else to tell you to stop”.

The recent invasion of a Catholic church in San Francisco by a couple of gay priders in costume is a perfect example of who and what we are up against.

These are dangerous ideas, folks, and with 83% of Americans as Christians, you would think that we would have the strength, courage, will, and ability to make some true positive changes and win this culture war.

It all begins in the church of the home, where parents need to step up and be more insistent with their spiritual teaching to their kids, particularly from the youngest ages.

We also need to start being a better personal example ourselves. It is not enough to “talk the talk”, we all need to better “walk the walk”. God bless.