Well, it’s about damned time. 

In early October, President Bush finally came clean to the public as to who we are at war with in the War on Terror. 

What had been a generic battle against terrorists and those who make their activities possible wherever we find them was finally crystallized, and those whom we are battling were definitively named. 

President Bush named our actual enemies as the “Islamofascists“, and later referred to them as “radical, militant Islam.

This is something that pundits, researchers, and just plain straight-thinkers like Daniel Pipes have been doing for years. 

Kudos to the President for putting that face on the enemy, for it is vitally important to make the distinction. 

In World War II, it was the Adolf Hitler and the Nazis of Germany, and Hirohito and the Japanese Imperialists that we fought in order to preserve democracy. 

In the Cold War, it was Communism and Socialism, highlighted by the tensions with men like Nikita Kruschev and the Soviet Union. 

Now we can put a definitive face, that of Osama bin Laden and Islamofascism, on this current struggle. This will allow us to focus on enemies, enemy states, future directions, and better judge outcomes. 

Anyone espousing a radical Islamic message is our enemy, and that must include those within that belief system who choose to not stand up and fight themselves, if not physically then at least with public refutations. God bless America.

2 thoughts on “Islamofascism: President Bush puts a name to the problem

  1. Matt, I have American Jihad (didn\’t read it yet). A good friend told me I should read Islam and Terrorism by Mark A. Gabriel first.

  2. For anyone interested, here are a pair of excellent books on the subject of the infiltration of radical islamic terrorists and their organizations into our very own country here inside the United States:\”American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us\” by Steven Emersonand\”Holy War on the Home Front\” by Harvey Kushner

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