Conservative doesn’t mean “stuffed shirt”, and nobody gets through life and experiences very much joy without a great sense of humor. 

If you know of any Blogs that either meet the true Conservative standard or provide a great human service, feel free to share the link. If the site is good enough, I will be happy to feature it. 

And on further thought, not nearly enough good comedies today on TV. 

When I was growing up in the 1970’s, it was most definitely the age of the great sitcoms: All in the Family, MASH, Happy Days, Cheers, Taxi, Soap, Mary Tyler Moore Show, the Jeffersons, etc. 

Seinfeld was so great in part because it stood out in it’s time. There was so little in the way of good, quality, truly funny sitcoms during the 90’s. 

Today, the animation of “Family Guy” and the old standard “The Simpsons” leads the way, along with a tremendous cable show “Curb Your Enthusiasm” from Seinfeld creator Larry David.

5 thoughts on “It’s only a joke

  1. I spent a lot of time in Delaware County as a teen, and remember that many of the Republicans, who dominated politically, just couldn\’t understand how Democrat Bob Edgar kept winning all those Congressional races. Finally, Curt Weldon came along and knocked him out of the box, which was distressing to me at the time, being as I was still a LibDem back then. Glad that Weldon is around now, shining light on the \”Able Danger\” situation, a story that needs to be told.

  2. Matt, As you know (from Domelights) I love to laugh and joke around. Well, I\’ve recently started an abortion blog. (Still getting everything together) Since that blog will be very serious in nature, I figured I\’d start one to make me laugh when I need it. If you get a chance check it out:\’ve been conservative every since I was 10 and learned about politics (I just knew it was the party for me). But at that time just about everybody in Springfield, Delaware County were proud Republicans.

  3. To read about my own journey from young, confirmed, dues-paying, card-carrying liberal dem to proud conservative Republican, visit my website at and click into the \”Commentary\” section where the article titled \”Finding the Right Way\” dated 6.17.05 can be found. Let me know what you think, and feel free to share stories of your own personal journey to truth and freedom.

  4. Did the link to Ann Coulter reveal my severe right wing leanings?To be honest, I\’m convinced conservatives have a much greater ability to laugh than today\’s leftists…the liberal crowd has gone mean and nasty with nothing good to say about each other or America. I\’m an ex-democrat, I switched when the left descended into the sort of madness that led them to John (He was in Viet Nam you know) Kerry. Keep smiling!Jim

  5. Huh… here I thought I knew you but I don\’t and I thank you for the advice you gave me but, I was curious what inclined you to do so?

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